Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can do it and I think I like it!

So I have been bad about blogging my runs lately but I promised I have been running. I went back to that site to get the training schedule for the 5k since I can run a mile without a problem. So technically I am starting over. But for a good cause. Yesterday was a rest/run-walk day but I ran 1.5 miles....and today was a 1.5 mile day so I ran again. I find running much easier in the morning and apparently it is better to do it when if you are trying to loose weight. Since that is my main goal morning runs are the best for me but sometimes not possible. Anyway, I ran almost the whole mile and a half today. I walked for the first minute because I needed a "warm up" and then after a mile I walked for a minute and then at like 1.4something I walked another minute and then finished off running and then had a 2-3 minute cool down and a nice stretch. I know this probably sounds lame...but I am proud of myself! Another feat I have accomplished amazed me...I think I LIKE running! WOW...that's all there is to say about that :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen May I Have Your Attention Please...

I DID IT! Ok, ok let me explain. I am going to start out with my GOOD news before I make some CONFESSIONS! So I ran a mile today...the whole thing...WITHOUT walking an ounce! I've figured out the key for my running career...I need to run REALLY REALLY slow. But that's ok. So the other times I've run I have had to run and walk run and walk. But this morning I was like "HEY, Carrie maybe you should run a little slower (.5-.7 MPH slower) and you could possibly run the whole mile." So I responded to my schizophrenic voice and said "good idea!" and that's just what I did. So yay me I ran a mile and didn't stop.
Now that I have praised myself I have a few confessions to make. It is now THURSDAY and I have not run at all this week. I DID walk on Sunday and Monday...Jeff and I go on Sunday walks anyway and I was just supposed to walk for 30-60 min and I figured it wasn't exercise because I planned on going out with Jeff anyway. Well Monday was a walk day too so I went on a 30 min walk. Well Tuesday morning I woke up and let's just say after a year I am a normal girl again. I spent ALL DAY in bed on Tuesday wallowing in myself pity (come on we all have this happen once a month but it had been a whole YEAR) I felt comatose. I barely took care of Riley. I seriously just laid in the fetal position all day. Well yesterday I had to work but after I dropped Jeff off at the busstop I came home and got back into bed AGAIN for another 4 hours. I am HORRIBLE. However...today I was DETERMINED to run. Look at my great accomplishment! Anyway...I'll be better next week now that I'm not dying :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Last night after our grand adventures we made our way back home. I knew I needed to run and really didn't want to. It had been a long day and I was tired but I knew I HAD to. I took advantage of Jeff being home and decided to run outside. I used that course tracker link and found a course that would not kill me and but be a little longer. I chose a course that was about 1.25 miles. It was a 1/4 of a mile longer than what I had been running on the treadmill. So I set a stopwatch on my phone and hit the road! I ran for a little while (I don't know how long or far exactly because I didn't have anything on me) but I ran more than I walked. It felt good. The nice thing about running outside is you HAVE to run or walk you can' just quit. If you do quit there is no way to get home :) So when I made it home I looked at my timer. I was a little slow. But it was a new experience and again time shouldn't matter...the fact I am doing this is what counts.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 3

So yesterday was a "rest" day...and boy was it nice! I was excited to not have to run because I really do dislike running. Anyway, I was ready and willing to go running this morning! So I geared up and got on the treadmill (we still don't have a jogging stroller because they are expensive). I ran the first .5 miles! That's an accomplishment because like I've said before, I don't like running, and I am WAY WAY WAY out of shape!!! I only walked a little this time around. It felt good. And AGAIN I cut my time down! I was down by another 24 seconds, but now I am down over a minute and it is only day 3. I honestly am not running for time but it is too much of a temptation to not pay attention to it. So again I only ran a mile but I need to work up and not kill myself because then I'll just quit. Anyway another day is past me :) Tomorrow is another rest day and it's FRIDAY :) Yay :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's all about committment

I ran again today. I didn't want to. I worked a lot this morning at the salon and was dead tired. I figured it would be better for me to run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The reason for this is because I don't work on Monday and Friday and I work at night on Weds and Thurs. Anyway, I got home from work and hung out with Riley for a bit. We played at started to watch a movie. Jeff was outside mowing the lawn. Well Jeff came in and showered and came downstairs to hang out with us. I decided "Hey, I really need to run, even if I don't want to. If I plan on running this race at some point I can't flake out on day 2." So that's just what I did...I ran! It feels good afterwards. I'm not really a big fan of running...in fact I don't like it at all haha but I hopefully will get into shape faster and continue to run. I only ran a mile again...but I did cut my time down by 56 seconds!!! Anyway that's about it for today. I ran!

Monday, May 26, 2008

And So it Begins...

So I officially started to train today...I'm slow...but that's ok! I ran a mile today. It's not much, not much at all compared to the 13.1 I plan to run...but it's a start! I plan on starting slow though. I mean come on I just had a baby and haven't worked out in 10 months. So I took my friend Hollie's advice, but I am starting out with the 5k guide, and I am using Hal Higdon's training guides. I think tomorrow I will use the actual guidelines and run 1.5 miles tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be running 3 miles within the next 7 weeks. Once I've accomplished that there will be no stopping me!
Anyway, the point of this blog is for me to keep track of my running and to let you all know what I am doing and where I am at in my training. I figure if I do it this way there is no backing down. If you guys have any advice I would love to hear it!
I did do some more blog stalking the other day and got a great site from Erika's blog that I played with a little last night. It's a route tracker to show you how far a particular course is. Anyway check out those two links I have posted on my blog.